Why is the Midwest failing to Harvest Solar?

A map showing gaps in solar in the Midwest
World Solar Farms Map

Warren Buffet seems to love shipping coal and oil around on trains in the Midwest.  Wow has he failed to provide any leadership in the Midwest.  The entire World is far ahead of the Midwest with harvesting solar.  Search the map for "solar farms" and you will know what I mean.  I am quite embarrassed to be honest as a native of Iowa.  

Apparently, Berkshire Hathaway has a new renewable energy investment group and have behind the investment of a solar farm in Minnesota.   Read more

Map of Solar Farms around the World

Map of Solar Farms in the United States, India, Europe, Australia, Africa and South America.
Map of Solar Farms Around the World

It is pretty amazing to see the size and scale of India and China solar farms.  They are far bigger than the solar farms located in the United States.  India and China seem to do a very good job of identifying desert and remote areas to do massive solar farms.  Do a search on the map for "solar farm" and see your self.  We have almost 4,000 solar farms locations listed in the database as of today.  

Click on the map of solar farms in Texas and solar farms in California to search for locations.

Southern California Solar Farms and Solar Parking Locations

Solar Map of Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego commercial apartments, buildings & parking lots and roof.
Southern California Solar Locations Map
Solar Map of Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego commercial apartments, buildings & solar parking lots and solar roofs.  One thing that strikes me from looking at these locations is why are there not more buildings with solar panels in Orange County, Irvine and Palm Springs?  Is this a circumstantial issue or cultural of adopting renewable energy?  Appreciate your thoughts.  This map is continuously updated.