Solar Farm Around the Moon?

Solar Farm Ring Around the Moon?
Solar Farm Ring Around the Moon?

A Japanese Company Shimizu wants to Build an 11,000 KM solar farm ring on the Moon. The electric power generated from the solar belts will be be transferred to the transmission facilities near the Moon. After that, the electric power will be converted back to #microwaves and #lasers, only to be beamed back to Earth and then again the beams are converted back to electricity at power plants. Read more

Solar Powered Parking Lot Locations Map

solar parking lot canopies map
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Solar Powered Walmart Store Locations Map

Map of solar powered Walmart Stores
Database of 61 Solar Powered Walmart Stores with Solar on the Roof
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Crowdsourcing Solar Farms Using Satellite Images

satellite image of solar farm in desert
Finding Solar Farms Using Satellite Images has been crowdsourcing solar roofs, solar parking and solar farms for several years.  We do this manually by zooming down to appropriate levels to view images.  Solar farms, solar roofs and solar parking structures are easy to find as long as satellite images are updated.  We ask our users to put a yellow pin in our map and submit a link to a news article about the solar location.  

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