World's Largest Solar Powered Office Building

Sundial Solar Office Office Building China
Sundial Office Building China spans 800,000 square feet

The office building situated in Dezhou, China spans 800,000 square feet and is designed to resemble an ancient sundial, serving as a poignant reminder of the pressing need for renewable energy. It serves as the primary venue for the 4th World Solar City Congress and was officially inaugurated on November 27.

Within the building, visitors will find exhibition centers, research facilities, meeting, and convention spaces, as well as a hotel, all powered by an array of solar panels adorning its roof. Through the utilization of steel and wall insulation, the structure surpasses China's national energy efficiency standards, achieving 30 percent higher energy savings.

China recognizes solar development as a vital component of its broader development strategy, especially in light of recent energy shortages experienced in major cities such as Shanghai. Consequently, the surplus energy generated by the facility can be utilized for various purposes. One practical application is water heating, which is cost-effective. China is already a global leader in residential rooftop solar thermal hot water development, with CleanTechnica reporting that 75 percent of all solar thermal collectors worldwide are produced and installed in China.