Heart Shaped Solar Farm

Happy Valentines Day - Heart Shaped Solar Farm

The 2MW “Heart of New Caledonia” is being built by solar company Conergy and is producing power for 750 homes. The plant, commissioned by local beverage company Froico SA, is expected to save around 2m tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over its projected 25-year lifetime and reduce the French overseas territory’s dependence on oil, gas, and coal, which generate the majority of its power today. 

There is a heart-shaped solar farm located in New Caledonia, not in Hawaii but on a Pacific Island. This unique solar farm is known as the "Heart of New Caledonia" or "Cœur de Voh" in French. It is situated in the commune of Voh, in the northwest region of New Caledonia, which is a French territory in the Pacific Ocean.

The Heart of New Caledonia solar farm gained attention due to its distinctive heart shape, formed by arranging solar panels in a specific pattern. The heart-shaped design is best visible from an aerial perspective. It has become a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of sustainable energy in the region.

The Heart of New Caledonia solar farm is not one of the largest solar farms in terms of capacity. Its significance lies in its unique design rather than its size.