5 ways to reduce your impact on the environment once you have installed your solar panels

Installing solar panels is the first step towards living a greener life. However, there is still plenty more for you to do if you would like to help the world around you. When it comes to protecting the environment, it is vital that you give it your all. That is the only way that you are likely to see a positive change. If you are wondering what to do next, you will need to read on. Below are five ways to reduce your impact on the environment once you have installed your solar panels.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Whenever you are making a purchase or throwing something away, you should be repeating the mantra: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Instead of buying something new, is there a way to update an item that you already own? Rather than throwing something away, can you find a suitable new home for it? Do you have to send your waste to landfill or could it be taken to the recycling plant? These are all questions that need to be asked on a daily basis.

Insulate your home

Insulating your home is a fantastic way to reduce your household bills and your negative effect on the environment. You should consider investing in double glazing, as this will stop heat from escaping through your windows. You should also think about laying down insulation in your attic space. It may take you a while to save up for these jobs, so in the meantime, you could lay down draft excluders and make sure to keep all of your doors shut.

Turn off your electrical items

When you are not using an electrical item, it should be switched off at the socket. If you find this difficult to remember, you could try downloading an app. Some apps can help you to monitor the energy being used in your house. They can even allow you to switch off items remotely. That way, if you get into bed and remember that you left a light switch on, you can solve the problem immediately.

Embrace the world of second-hand

If you are required to make a purchase, you should embrace the world of second-hand. This is a fantastic way to ensure that you are not wasteful. Luckily, buying second-hand doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality or style. For instance, you could enjoy a used Mercedes-Benz C Class. This is a luxury car at an affordable price.

Get out into the garden

One of the best ways for you to help the environment is by getting out into the garden. Why not start your own compost heap? This is a green way for you to get rid of your waste? You could also have a go at growing your own produce. Instead of flying your food across the world, why not save on the emissions and grow it in your own backyard?  

Making the World a Greener Place One Person at a Time

Making the World a Greener Place One Person at a Time

Solar energy and other renewable energy sources have reignited hopes of a greener, cleaner world. We don’t, however, need to wait for governments to take control and to convert energy production to renewable solutions. Instead, we can all do our part to reducing our carbon footprint. Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to mean a change in lifestyle, either. Here are five improvements you can make to your home and life that will reduce your monthly bills and reduce your carbon footprint: 

1.     Seal Your Home
One of the first things that everyone should do when aiming to reduce their carbon footprint is to simply seal their home. This will reduce your monthly utility bill and make your home warmer and dryer. For small projects, you can do it yourself by replacing old caulking. Whether you need a professional renovation done depends on the state of your home. This investment, however, is needed if you ever want to sell your home.

2.     Heat Your Home More Efficiently
Once your home is properly sealed, you can then work on using energy more efficiently. One thing you should never do, for instance, is leave your heating on (even on low) throughout the day when you leave the house. Instead, keep it off except for key times when you need it. Rugs and thick curtains can also trap and retain heat, meaning that you can use heating more effectively.

3.     Upgrade Your Appliances
One of the biggest culprits for a high-energy bill (and as a result, a larger carbon footprint) are old household appliances. Upgrading to newer, more efficient models will not only save you money, it is also much safer. Old appliances are fire hazards, don’t work as well, and typically look outdated. Updated appliances are also a good investment if you ever want to later sell your home.

4.     Upgrade Your Car  
Just as you should upgrade your appliances, you should also upgrade your car. Visit Eastern Mini and pick up a car that is safer and has better gas mileage efficiency. The more efficient the vehicle, the better. Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly common as well, which is another avenue you can look at when choosing a new vehicle.

5.     Install Renewable Energy for Your Home
The last improvement you can make to your life, that will also reduce your monthly bills, is to install a home renewable energy solution. This means solar panels on your roof, or even a windmill if you have a large enough property. The renewable energy can be stored and used, reducing your monthly energy bill, and saving the planet in one go.

Everyone can get on board with these solutions, because they mean reduced costs in the long run and increased personal safety. If everyone around the world reduced their carbon footprint humanity would make true headway against global warming. Do your part in saving the environment, even if you only do it for the reduced monthly utilities bill.

Panda-shaped Solar Farm Launches in China

panda solar farm in China
Panda Solar Farm in China
A uniquely designed solar power plant recently went online and was connected to China’s power grid. What makes it special is not so much the technology used but rather what the solar plant looks like. It’s called the Panda Power Plant, and it’s shaped like a panda. The project will be handled by Panda Green Energy Group Limited, formerly known as United Photovoltaics Group Limited. Read more

Let's not forget about the Disney Solar Farm in Orlando.

Disney's Mouse-shaped Solar Farm in Florida

Disney Solar Farm Orlando

Duke Energy and Walt Disney World officials announced details of the Mickey-shaped solar farm near Epcot in 2016. The five-megawatt solar farm is being called the Walt Disney World Solar Facility. It is visible from the air as a giant Mickey Mouse shape. It's just off the east shoulder of World Drive, near its intersection with Epcot Center Drive. It's just west of Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort.  Read more

China recently launched a solar farm shaped like a panda bear.

North Carolina Solar Farms Map

North Carolina Solar Farms Map
Why Does North Carolina Have So Many Solar Farms?

Solar Charging Station Canopies

EV Arc Solar Charging Station

Envision thinks there will be 11 million electric vehicle charging stations in the US by 2020.  We happen to agree.  That is why ware are building the largest crowdsourced database of "solar parking lots".  We already have thousands of parking lots listed on our map.  

What is different about Envision is that these solar panels charge cars and are not just sending power into the grid or building like most solar roof installations.   

How Solar Energy Can Help Students Save Money

As a student, you probably use up a lot of energy. Whether it’s lighting or heating your home, heating up your water supply, charging your devices, revising at your computer or watching the television, every minute that you spend ‘plugged in’ is costing you. Although students are renowned for being able to live off very little amounts of money, dealing with large bills as a student can quickly cripple you financially if you’re supporting yourself. We’ve listed some of the main ways in which solar energy can benefit you as a student.

Solar Panels

Having solar panels installed at your home can be an excellent investment. If you’re living in your own privately owned property you should have no problem getting solar panels installed, however, be careful if you are a tenant as you will need to have your landlord’s permission. There are many schemes across the U.S. promoting solar energy, which you may find useful to use if you need to get approval before having solar panels installed. Once installed, you will be able to generate a lot of the energy that your home uses, which will drastically cut your energy bills and enable you to be more self-sufficient. This is especially useful for those enrolled on home-based programs such as the online MSW from Rutgers Online.

Charging Your Devices

It’s not just heating and lighting your home that solar power can easily do – did you know that you can now get solar-powered charging gadgets for your smart devices? Whether you own an iPhone, Android phone, or prefer to use a tablet for browsing and staying in touch, keeping the battery full of juice can use up a lot of energy and highly contribute to your electricity bill. With solar-powered charging devices, you can at least save some energy on keeping your smartphone battery at 100%, even if you can’t get solar panels at home.

Solar Transport

They may not be mainstream yet, but in the future, solar powered vehicles are certainly going to become much more popular.  As the world searches for alternatives to gas when it comes to powering the vehicles on our roads, solar energy has made great steps forward, with solar buses helping to reduce the carbon footprint in China, solar racing cars are making headlines in Australia, and a solar-powered aircraft has already made its way around the world. Although you might not be able to get a solar car before you’ve graduated from your M.S.W. online, it’s certainly worth getting excited about.

Solar Home Heating

Heating your home or your student room can be an expensive experience. But, with a solar heating product such as a solar space heater, you can be warm and snug at home without having to worry about the size of your energy bill. Solar space heaters work by harnessing sunlight and converting it into thermal energy, without costing you a dime!

Solar energy is going to be huge in the future, so why not start saving money with it now!


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