Solar Parking Lot Charging Station Canopies

EV Arc Solar Charging Station

Envision thinks there will be 11 million electric vehicle charging stations in the US by 2020.  We happen to agree.  That is why were are building the largest crowdsourced database of "solar parking lots maps".  We already have thousands of parking lots listed on our map.  

How many electric vehicle charging stations are in the US in 2023?

What is different about Envision is that these solar panels charge cars and are not just sending power into the grid or building like most solar roof installations.   

The Envision Solar Charging Station is an innovative solution for providing sustainable and off-grid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs). It is designed and manufactured by Envision Solar International, a company that specializes in developing solar-powered products and solutions.

The Envision Solar Charging Station incorporates a combination of solar panels and energy storage to generate and store electricity. The solar panels are mounted on a canopy-like structure, which not only captures sunlight but also provides shade and protection for parked vehicles. The energy generated from the solar panels is stored in a battery system, allowing for charging even during non-sunlight hours or overcast days.

One of the key features of the Envision Solar Charging Station is its mobility and flexibility. The station is designed to be relocatable and can be easily moved to different locations based on the charging demand or specific events. This makes it suitable for various applications such as parking lots, commercial buildings, public spaces, and even temporary installations for events or construction sites.

The Envision Solar Charging Station is equipped with multiple charging outlets, supporting both Level 2 (AC) and Level 3 (DC) charging standards. This enables compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles, including cars, buses, and bikes. The station may also include additional features like LED lighting, EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) connectivity, and smart grid integration for better energy management.