Which Solar Street Light Systems Should We Buy for the Highways?

Traveling on the highways at night is risky as the roads are not only prone to accidents but also to anti-social elements, but the street lights make the safe passageway.

Getting the street lights on the highways is a major issue for the government, as not only it tackles the cost but also its maintenance and environmental impact.  Due to the far off from urban areas, getting highways illuminated in the dark is not an easy task, but with the advent of solar technology, we have derived clean and renewable energy, but finding the best solar street lights is also not an easy task, as it involves understanding and applying its features and components.

Generally, now Infrared (IR) sensors and LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) are applied in design for monitoring vehicles' movement and atmospheric lighting conditions. Relays and Light Emitting Diodes are used for illumination and with it the GSM module is interfaced with the controller to intimate the condition of the lamps.

These technological inducements include batteries, and LED bulbs, which also reduce the cost and protect the environment. The system is designed to help monitor the movement of the vehicles on the highways, whose functions are automatic which means it is automatically switched on and off which saves energy. The crux of the idea is that the LED array will remain in the off position during the daytime and the IR sensor would detect the presence of humans or cars. As soon the IR sensor is able to detect the movement of the vehicles, the brightness level of the LED will become higher else its brightness is reduced.

The CFL bulb lasts much longer, approximately 8,000 hours. And, the LED bulb lasts for 50,000 hours. It means that if the incandescent bulb is replaced every year, you need to change the CFL bulb once every 7 years and the LED bulb every 40 years. We have intended to control the glow of LED only when it is required.  Quite often roads remain empty during the night so it is not important for all the lamps to remain illuminated.  In this situation, the intensity of the LED is controlled that conserve energy.

When choosing the LED bulb, you will need to provide the battery and cables along with the control mechanism. Modern LED street light bulb and accessories providers give you compact kits that are easy to install and use. They are waterproof and anti-theft, so you needn't worry about it at all. You have a choice of bulbs for various applications.

    All in One Solar LED Street Light
    All in Two Solar LED Street Light
    Solar LED Garden Light
    Solar LED Billboard Light
    Solar LED Flood Light

With the LD lamp, you get the solar panel, charging controller, and lithium battery. This is compacted into one unit, so you don't have to dig holes for the battery placement or use a cable to make the electrical connections.

Smart controls: The LED Chip comes with smart technology that detects light during the day (or night) and switches on the street light when it is dark. This makes the working of this LED fully automatic. Further, there is no need for maintenance as the bulb and battery last many years. You can choose and set the working of the lamp in one of the three ways:

    Motion Sensor
    Time Control
    Internet Control

Monocrystalline solar panels have a life of close to 30 years. There are no moving parts, but the chemicals in the panel might deteriorate with every passing year. Except for this, the panels are very robust and will not suffer any damage. You also get an adjustable lighting angle and an adjustable bracket angle for positioning and adjusting the lights on the pole.

The LED lights can be switched on instantly and dimmed as needed. It comes in a compact, all-inclusive package that obviates the need for cables or external controls. These are the best solar streetlights because they take care of themselves. Considering the enormous savings by way of power consumption, most countries are adopting this kind of lighting for their cities.

Summary: It is important to consider changing over to the best solar street lights because they are energy efficient and do not produce heat. Street lights consume a good amount of energy, and by changing to these long-lasting LED bulbs; it is possible to realize enormous savings in the electricity bill.

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