Solar Power for Home Use - How Efficient is It?

Solar power is no longer a niche choice limited to govt and industrial users. 

It is now possible to use solar power to run home appliances and get many chores done. The evolution of solar technology has helped thousands of homeowners embrace it and save on energy bills. With the right planning and strategies, you can make good use of solar power and save a significant amount of money. You can use independent solar-powered devices and install solar panel kits on the rooftop to draw power and run numerous appliances.

Listed below are the ways to make great use of solar power at home:

·        Solar Powered Ventilation Fans

While not a major home appliance, a ventilator fan is quite useful. Ventilators or exhaust fans help in discarding stale indoor air and enhancing the air quality inside the homes. They are used mostly in washrooms, garages, kitchens, etc. You can buy solar power-driven units that have a panel of light-sensitive cells. This negates the need to rely on household energy sources. These fans may cost more than typical exhaust fans but in the long run, they save you a lot.

·        Solar heating system for house

In cold climate regions, using solar-powered room heating systems can be very useful. This will be much more cost-effective than buying typical electricity-powered room heater units. The solar-powered air heating systems gather heat obtained from roof and siding surfaces that are exposed to sunlight directly, for a prolonged period. The systems have an integrated fan to circulate the hot air.

·        Solar energy-driven outdoor lighting

You may have grand plans to install landscape lighting to beautify the exterior of the house. However, installing underground circuit wiring is not the only option for that. You can use solar-powered lighting fixtures to light up patio, garden, or terrace without hassles. With led bulbs, you can light up the exterior without making any compromise and save on energy bills too. These lights have solar cells to capture the solar energy and rechargeable storage battery inside. The additional advantage is you do not need any wiring connections. These lamps can get changed up in the day for use at night for prolonged time.

·        Solar powered water heater

In most households, a substantial amount of money is spent in heating water. Whether you use cooking gas to heat up water in winter or install geyser in the bathroom, the running costs are substantial! The solar-powered water heaters can help you in saving money. In areas that get adequate sunlight, installing solar water heating systems is useful. The Integral collector-storage systems are useful in houses where plenty of hot water is required. Here the solar energy collector is a part of the water storage tank and the heating method is direct. There are Thermosyphon systems that use units where the solar energy collector is kept beneath the storage tank and the heat is released in water from ground to upwards.

·        Solar energy powered cookers

There are many types of solar cookers in the market that you can buy. These cookers typically use aluminum foils and panels positioned at specific angles to absorb and intensify solar energy and cook food with the collected heat. These cookers can reach a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit but they work the best on sunny days.

·        Solar powered portable fans

Installing an air conditioner at home is perfect for chilling out on scorching summer days but what about the long spells of power outages! If you plan to for backpacking carrying an AC is not possible. However, in such situations using solar-powered portable fans can be very useful. These small fans are powered through a solar panel that can be thatched and some of them are also hybrid models, able to draw power from regular electrical outlets.

How to make the best use of solar energy for residential usage

While you can buy and install solar power-driven appliances at home, it is also necessary to know the right ways to make the best use of these. The below-listed tips can be handy for this purpose:
·        There are both DIY solar panel kits and larger kits that require professional installation. If you plan to power the entire home through solar energy, it is best that you get the solar panels and kits installed by an expert.

·        Depending on where you live, try to install the solar panels on rooftop or walls in a way that these get the maximum possible amount of sunlight throughout the day. This will enable you to run the appliances using the stored energy at night without hassles.

·        To make the most of solar energy consumption, you may require changing the lights at home. Discard the older bulbs and tubes and switch to energy-efficient Led lights. This will ensure your home will remain well lit for long hours in the dark, when powered by solar panels.

·        It is also necessary to sue the energy obtained from solar panels efficiently. If you plan to power your major household appliances through solar energy, this is a prerequisite. For example, you may use devices requiring a higher amount of energy at daytime, when the panels perform at the maximum capability.

Use solar, become eco friendly and enjoy the many benefits of a natural energy source.

Author Bio:

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Director- sales & marketing
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