Map of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Shows Huge Gaps

California has 13,658 EV charging stations while Alaska has just 40.

Electric vehicles are clearly the future, but their mass adoption is somewhat hindered by infrastructure rollout—namely, the charging stations that drivers need to keep them powered, especially on long cross-country trips.

But data compiled by geographic information systems firm Esri shows that some areas of the United States are doing better than others when it comes to charging stations. Using data from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center, Esri has made an interactive map that shows the charging stations along major U.S. interstate routes that are over 1,000 miles long.

You can zoom around the map and click on a charging station to see details about it, including its hours and when it was installed. But one of the most striking things about the interactive map is just how barren some states are when it comes to finding places to charge up.

Esri compiled a list of the states with the most and fewest charging stations, and the differences are striking. Here are the top five states based on the number of charging stations:

California: 13,658

New York: 2,656

Texas: 2,176

Florida: 2,068

Washington: 1,561

And here are the states with the fewest charging stations:

Alaska: 40

South Dakota: 57

Wyoming: 58 (tie)

North Dakota: 58 (tie)

Montana: 79

You can check out much more about the data Esri compiled here. And below you can see an animated version of their interactive map, which goes through the highways on a state-by-state base and even includes a breakdown of “dead zones” in each state. 

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