How to Search Map for Solar Installations

To search for solar installations on a map, you can follow these steps:

Satellite View: Enable the satellite view or aerial imagery mode on the map. This option is usually available as a layer or view mode toggle on the map interface.

Zoom In: Zoom in on the desired location or area where you want to search for solar installations. By zooming in, you can get a closer look at rooftops, parking lots, or open areas where solar panels may be installed.

Visual Identification: Scan the map for rooftops or structures with solar panels. Solar installations are typically visible as dark or reflective panels on rooftops or in open fields. Look for rectangular or square shapes that are often arranged in an array or grid pattern.

Filter and Overlay: Some mapping platforms or dedicated solar mapping tools may offer filters or overlays specifically for solar installations. These features can help highlight areas with known solar installations or provide additional information about them.

Local Government Resources: Check the websites of local government agencies or energy departments in your area. They may have interactive maps or databases that show the locations of solar installations or provide information on renewable energy initiatives.

Other Solar Directories: Explore online directories or platforms that focus on mapping solar installations. Websites like SolarReviews, PVMapper, or the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Solar Prospector tool may offer searchable maps or databases of solar installations.